Rattlesnake Lake Couples Session - Ashley and Cole

Trey and I have known Ashley and Cole Since we were in college. We met at CWU, and they are some of the most rad people I have met! So we started off the photo session with some whiskey (I usually bring alcohol to my couples sessions)! If you're wondering why I bring alcohol to my sessions: beer, cider or in this case whiskey, it give my couples and I the chance to catch up, hang out and relax for a bit before jumping into photos. This is one of my best tricks because I want them to be comfortable in front of my camera and so relaxing and visiting the first 20 mins puts us all in a good comfort zone to start posing.

Rattlesnake Lake is one of my favorite local places to shoot outdoor couples sessions. There is so much versatility at the location, and a reasonably easy hike if you want a beautiful viewpoint as well. For people that might not be able to hike or have kids with them and a hike isn't convenient, the lake itself is a 5 minute walk from the parking lot and super easy to access.

I got to work with Ashley and Cole in the evening and get a little bit of the start to Golden hour and it made Rattlesnake Lake beautiful! I am currently writing this blog post in quarantine and looking at these pictures is really making me miss the outdoors! I can't wait to get back outside.

I hope you guys enjoy these photos and their sweet personalities in them.