Lion's Rock Ellensburg, WA- Engagement Session- Deidra and Justin

It brings me such joy to be able to photograph couples that I have known from when they first got together. Deidra and I were roommates my Junior year of undergrad at CWU, and so I knew her before her and Justin were together; and it is so cool to watch couples relationships develop. Time FLIES and when we did this engagement session at Lion's Rock in Ellensburg, I could not help but think about how much time has passed since college. Maybe you mid 20-somethings can relate, but (1) how has it almost been a decade since HS, and (2) has it really been 3 years since we graduated college?!

Either way, time flying or time going slow, we had so much fun heading out to our old college town to take some photos. Lions Rock was an old hiking location for CWU students and Ellensburg families alike, and we figured it could be a beautiful location for some photos. So we headed out, grabbed some coffee on the way, and had a blast. I hope you guys enjoy these photos, and if you haven't been to lions rock before, you should go.