Hello again and welcome, babes. 

A little bit about the couple you'll grab beer with a few times before your big day while we do some planning. 

Hiii I'm Savana, I'm the photographer and my husband, Trey, is the videographer. 

Let me start by saying that I never planned on becoming a wedding photographer when I was growing up; I'm actually a high school art teacher. During my undergrad, I picked up photography as a hobby and quickly found a love for this art form, and it grew into a full time business--so here we are!

I found that wedding and couples photography filled an artistic niche for myself. I have a deep rooted love for capturing human emotion and the realness of a couple's love stories. I believe life is messy, chaotic and passionate, and that passion deserves to be photographed and preserved.  

My artwork, in a way, is an extension of myself. This applies to both my photographs and my paintings. I invest who I am into my artistic process to capture all the the real emotions that come with life and being in love.

Xo - Savana 

Hey! It's Trey here. 

I am the video guy to our Mayfield Photo + Film duo. I met my wife, Savana when we were 15. We got married in college and we're both high school teachers.

I got into video just after Savana got into photography. Her best friend was getting married and didn't have a videographer, so since we had a camera, I offered to step in. From that day, I fell in love with the craft and kept running with it. 

I have a background in music, so that feeds into the passion I developed for videography. I could pair the visual emotion I was capturing to the sound I was hearing.  The music and visual emotions played into each other and I decided I wanted to grow videography into the business we have now. 

My goal is to have emotion radiate from the screen. The views, the music, the sounds, the voices, the looks: I want it all to move people. Our couples showcase a deep passion for each other, and I love to honor that by giving it space to live on forever. I am in love with what we do, and it is capturing your story sends sparks flying across our cameras.

Thanks for stopping by!

Photography requires an affinity for meeting people where they are at and capturing the emotions they feel for one another. There is not some posing formula I use on every couple I meet. I don't want you to look like a statue in your photos; I want to know how you interact authentically. I photograph your favorite way to be held by him, and the song you dance to in your living room when you make up after a fight.
I want to photograph all the nitty-gritty, so that when you look back on your photographs, you can remember what it feels like to be in the moment of life you're in now and live it all over again. 

Our Couples mean everything to us. 

When you hire a wedding photographer or videographer, you are hiring someone that will spend time with you during your engagement, planning process, and someone that will be by your side the whole entire wedding day. Choose someone that you want there for every important moment, that you trust to pass you a tissue when it's needed, or to bust down with you on the dance floor. 

We're inspired by the big stuff, like emotion and movement but also by all of the little mundane moments that come with life: small coffee shops, people watching, and fantastic vanilla chais in the fall.

​Taking these concepts we see in the world around us and turning them into something people can cherish for a lifetime is pretty freaking awesome. 

When people go back and look at our photo and video work of their big day, we want them to see those moments, big and small, and be able to re-live them over and over and over again. 

I think about that moment when you’re cuddled up with your other half, sipping on hot coffee, listening to your favorite band on the record player and the rest of the world starts to dissipate. My work is personal and I wish to extend that same level of intimacy and care to you through pictures that preserve the season that you’re in. 

I promise to give you everything we have to preserve your moments.

Our goal is to know you as authentically as possible, so that we can deliver you photographs that genuinely represent the unique connection that the two of you have. 

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