Ready for the next big thing? 


Trey and I are not about fake posing, you're not a statue and we want to create real shit that reflects the entirety of your relationship. Eskimo kisses and all. 

As we move forward I need you to know a couple things. I love my couples with everything I am; as an artist, my work is an extension of myself. 


I work from my heart so for me this is not just a business exchange, I am a person and wholly embrace my couples becoming some of my closest friends and I need to be treated as a human in return.

This is my process so that I can know you, and create work that completely and uniquely represents you on the most important day of your life.


XO- Savana  

Tell Trey and I About Yourself
what kind of photos are you interested in?

Thanks for filling this out and letting Trey and I get to know you! When I say that I truly get to know my couples I mean it. Thank you for trusting me in this process, I can't wait to chat more!

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