Dedicated to preserving lifelong memories to cherish timelessly. 


Hello, babes...

Savana and Trey here

We're here to give you an authentic and intimate photo and video experience; capturing the delicate movement of two hands intertwining, eskimo kisses, and everything in-between. 

More About Us

As cliche as it sounds, we truly do have one life to live. It's messy, passionate and fiercely wonderful all at the same time. 

Our mission is to see people truly and authentically, to meet them where they are at so that I can deliver photos that resemble the intimate connection that comes with the human condition. 
The familiar and deep-seeded emotion that comes with love is what we are passionate about preserving in our work.  
We also think that your pictures should speak to you: your personality and your story. It's about every little side glance between you and your significant other, shared laughs and little kisses.
As artists capturing these emotions is a part of our passion, we're giving you a piece of ourselves and delivering you imagery that speaks to your true self. 

Some recently captured love stories 

I promise to hold your hand the whole way.

The relationship we have with our couples is very personal and on a human to human level. This is not simply a business transaction for Trey and I. Our couples become some of our closest friends, and we are not just there to take photo and video. We're there to plan with you, do venue walk throughs, grab beer and hold tissues just in case you start tearing up during the first look. 

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olympic national park couples session